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  1. Hope your travels are going great! Buck is doing good. Working on his social skills with other animals and people (:

  2. What a blessing to have you at our church in Millinocket last weekend! The music I bought (Amy Carmichael’s lyrics) is so easy to sing with — a real blessing to own. I’m praying Our Father to give you all journey mercies! I will recommend your family to all my friends!
    God bless and keep you safe.
    Sue Cooper

  3. Listening to some of your music this morning! One of my 4 year old girls (we have twin girls) immediately got excited and said, “It’s Grace! I know her!” She’s a big fan of Grace’s and sings along well with her songs. :) Thank you Spencer family for your wonderful music and Grace for being a wonderful example for my little girl! Hope your travels are going well. God bless!

  4. I love your music! We are so proud to have been in your life at one time and check your website all the time! What a blessing you and your whole family are to all! Keep up the good work. Jim, you and the kids are soooo good. Thanks for living an awesome Christian life so others that have known you over the years see you continue to grow and excel in all you do and use your God given talents to further His kingdom.

    • Sorry, I am just now seeing your comment Katie. It is so great to hear from you, thank you for your encouraging words! We miss you and Brad, hope you all are doing well! Love, Nicci

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