Everyone at our house is excited about Christmas coming!  One of the things the kids enjoy most are the traditions we have created over the years.  Some of the traditions have been intentional, and some have just happened… Read More

Why I Like Routine vs. Schedule

When I was a young mom of two children, I knew a mom who had 5 kids and wondered how she could keep up with everything.  I had a hard enough time keeping up with my two!  Since… Read More

Kitchen Help & Chicken Enchilada Casserole

It is 5 o’clock, water from the noodles that are cooking is boiling over, the bread is burning in the oven and there are still veggies to chop, the table to set and not a clean dish to… Read More

Making Time for Family Worship

A while back I wrote a series for fathers at The Family Worship Resource Center on Making Time for Family Worship.  The series highlights some practical ways to make time for family worship in the midst of our… Read More

A Cinnamon Roll Recipe and a Birthday Breakfast

  This past week we celebrated a birthday in our house.  It has become a tradition in our home to have homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast on each person’s birthday.  Their cinnamon roll comes complete with a candle… Read More

A Seven Day Plan for Doing Family Worship

Family worship (family devotions) has been a daily part of our home since our children were very young. When we began doing family worship, the method that is described in this video is how we started.  It is really… Read More

The Waiting is Over

The waiting is over.  We have welcomed Will into the world and into our home.  Though he arrived over a week past the due date, God’s timing was perfect!  Nicci and Will are both doing wonderfully and all… Read More

Creating a Peaceful Home at the End of the Day

It is 4:30 pm, I realize my husband will be home soon, a quick glance around the house reveals a not so pleasant atmosphere.  Toys are strung everywhere, a basket of laundry is half folded on the dining… Read More

Checklist for Homebirth

I am just a few weeks away from having our 12th baby.  This will be our 3rd home-birth and it is right about this time that I start “nesting” and getting everything ready for the baby to come…. Read More