6 Math Game Ideas

Math Games Roundup
Math games often make up part of our summer curriculum.  We normally do a scaled-back school schedule through the summer.  I like to find different ways for the children to learn math facts than the usual drill sheets and flashcards. I was looking around recently for some fun math games and came across a few that I am planning to use and thought I would share them with you.

1.  Dr. Mikes Math Games for Kids – a great resource with  printable games

2.  Math.com  – a list of math games that can be done with things you already have around the

3.  Kids Activities Blog – 13 fun math games

4.  Hip Hip Hooray Magazine – a list of math games

5.  Confessions of a Homeschooler – math game printables

6.  Tip JunkieSudoku printable puzzles and Tasty Bingo (played with edible game pieces)

I am excited to do some of these activities with our kids this summer.  Do you have other fun math games you like to do with your children?

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