A Shower of Blessings

Diaper Bouquet

We were blessed to attend a baby shower the other night for our 12th baby.  Some dear friends of ours threw a couples shower for us.  It was the first couples shower I had been to and the first shower ever that Jim had attended.

It was really more like an intimate baby dedication.  There of course was the usual shower fare: delicious food set on a beautiful table, a diaper bouquet and generous gifts.  But the true icing on the cupcakes was the 18 individual prayers that were prayed over our son.

They were taken from Thomas Watson’s Characteristics of a Godly Man in his book, The Godly Man’s Picture .  Prayers such as: a man who serves God not men, a man of humility, a man who loves the Word, and a man who loves the saints.

We were overwhelmed with gratefulness that these men would spend time lifting our little one up before the Lord in this way.  We will be looking with anticipation to see how God answers these prayers in our new little ones life.

Have you attended or had a unique shower thrown for you?  I’d love to hear in the comments section.

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  1. I love couples showers, the prayer idea is amazing and I may suggest it.

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