Bible Study With Daughters

Mother Daughter Bible Study
Many women would jump at the chance to lead a Bible study at church and even more are eager to be the first to sign up for the Bible study.  But, mothers of daughters have a ready-made ladies Bible study right in their own home.

Just think of how much we could invest in our daughters if we poured all the attention into them that we would normally spend on a Bible study outside of our home.  Now, I don’t think there is anything wrong with ladies Bible studies, but I think having a planned time with our daughters for the purpose of getting into God’s Word would be an incredible investment in their lives.

Not only is it an opportunity to teach them about spiritual things, but it can also be a wonderful time of growing closer together as a mother and daughter, paving the way for a deep, beautiful relationship as they grow older.

In case some of you are thinking, “I don’t have the time to prepare a Bible study”, I don’t either, but you don’t have to do anything elaborate, keeping it simple is probably better anyway.  Below are a few tips to keep in mind when doing a Bible study with your daughter(s).

You can start young – My oldest daughter was 7 when I started with her.  My other daughters have been closer to 8 when I began with them.  You can start younger though, starting early makes it easier to lay a foundation and then build on it through the years.

Use a simple book or book of the Bible – I have just used books of the Bible that talk about women specifically, like Esther and Ruth.  Any book of the Bible would work though, I have also gone through Proverbs with my girls.  You could use a book like Sarah Mally’s Before You Meet Prince Charming, which has scriptures in it, with an older daughter.

Usually I try to cover a chapter each time, reading through it together and then talking about it.  I don’t normally prepare anything ahead of time, except maybe reading through the chapter we will be covering.

Pray together – Open your time up in prayer, asking God to bless your time together.  At the end of the study, I always ask how I can be praying for them, then we usually each pray.

Make a set time for your study – You can do the study once a week, every other week or once a month, but it will help keep consistency if you set an actual date and time for your study.  For instance, I meet with my girls every Wednesday afternoon.

Use the time to spring board into other topics – There are so many different topics that we as mothers should be talking with our daughters about, take advantage of these times to bring up some of those areas.

Do a group study or one at a time – If you have more than 1 daughter you can all do a Bible study together or meet individually with each of them.  I have done both ways.  I was meeting with just my oldest daughter for a few years, then when my next daughter became old enough to join in, she began meeting with us.

But, I really missed the one on one time I had with my oldest and there was a 5 year difference in ages, which made it a little harder trying to relate what we were talking about to both girls, so we started meeting separately.  Now, I still meet with my oldest individually, then meet with two of my other daughters together since they are close in age.

The most important thing is to be talking with your daughter about the Word, making it spiritually profitable for her, and at the same time developing a deeper, more meaningful relationship between the both of you.  However you decide to plan and implement a study with your daughter, I encourage you to begin right away, it will be a blessing to her and you.

Do you meet with your daughter for a Bible study?  What books have you read with your daughter that have helped her spiritually?


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  1. Nicci,

    Thank you for the encouragement in this. I have not taken the opportunity to do this with my daughter on a regular basis. My daughter did and an opportunity to be apart of a Bright Lights group in GA that was really great and she enjoyed it much and learned so much. I have books on hand with the intention of making time for this. I know I just need to set some goals like you are doing. I think if I would write it down then I would see it and it would remind me of these things that I know are so important but I keep putting off.

    • That’s neat she got to be part of a Bright Lights group! I’m sure it was a great opportunity for her! It is hard to make the time for it and remember to do it, there are some weeks that go by and we realize we didn’t get the Bible study done, writing it down though does help. :)

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