Birthday Cupcakes and Puppy Dog Sandwiches

cara's birthday cupcakes 023

I used to make elaborate cakes for the kids’ birthday’s.  Everything from cakes shaped like Veggie Tales characters to guitars, dolls and trains.  But, eventually my carpal tunnel got the best of me and it became hard to decorate the fancy cakes.

I really missed doing them though, the kids always enjoyed them and it was fun to make special cakes for their birthdays.  Recently, I started doing easy, fun cupcakes.  I did some animal ones using leopard cupcake liners and candy eyes that I bought at Walmart.  It is so simple to make fun memories for the kids just using unique liners and a small toy or candy on top.

One of our daughters celebrated her 6th birthday earlier this month.  We had seen these bubble gum cupcakes online and she thought they looked so fun.  We ended up just using a confetti cake mix and colored buttercream icing instead of bubblegum flavored cake and icing like the recipe calls for.  I found the pearl colored gumballs at a local candy store.

cara's birthday cupcakes 018The birthday girl also found these puppy dog sandwiches in a magazine, so we made those too. They were a hit with all the little kids and so easy to make.  The recipe called for white American cheese for the ears and nose, but I used provolone.  Also, it called for black beans for the eyes and nose, but I decided to use olives.


Do you have a fun idea for cupcakes or other birthday treats?




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