Fun Indoor Activities For Toddlers

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We had been blessed earlier this summer with very mild temperatures here in the Midwest, but typical summer temps have finally caught up with us and the thermometer has been hovering right around 100.  When it gets this hot I try to keep the kids inside most of the day, letting them go out to play in the early morning and the late evening.

The older kids usually have plenty to do between their school work and jobs helping out around the house.  However, the younger ones can be bouncing off the walls pretty fast!  Unfortunately I am not good about “planning” activities for them, but once in a while I will think to put together a fun, easy activity for them to do.

One of my go-to activities is to set out some bowls of very sudsy water and some plastic dishes for them to “wash” on the kitchen floor.  It is always a hit with the little ones, and I love it because I already have the “tools” on hand!

Also, I found some twists on water play fun that your little ones might enjoy at Picklebums.  And, I ran across some great ideas for the same type of activity using rice at the Lessons Learnt Journal.  Using rice to play with is great for toddler’s tactile development.  I love it when play meets education! :)

Do you have ideas for activities that use only things you have around the house?  I’d love for you to share them.



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