Giveaway: Three 12 oz. Bags of Eleos Coffee (1 Winner)

Eleos CoffeeI am really excited about this week’s giveaway!  A couple of years ago a long time friend of our family felt the Lord directing him to open a coffee house that would roast great coffee and minister to the physically and spiritually needy in a strategic area of the city where he lives.

What is incredible is that prior to feeling the Lord leading him and his family in this direction and relocating to the inner city, he didn’t drink coffee – he didn’t even like coffee.  But God does amazing things – and He did just that with Dan and his family.

It’s a wonderful story!  Because of this families’ obedience to follow God’s leading: there is now a coffee shop on the corner of one of the most colorful, challenging and needy streets in Kansas City, MO; Dan has become a true artisan in the craft of roasting high quality coffee that honestly rivals anything else I have tasted; and ministry is happening.

On any weekday, you can stop in to Eleos Coffee, a fully functioning coffee shop on Independence Avenue, in Kansas City’s historic Northeast, and sit in on a Bible study led by Dan and other staff and volunteers, attended by any number of people, from those living on the street to those otherwise living in the community.

You’ll find weekly ESL (English as a Second Language) classes being taught, women’s ministry taking place and prayer walks happening along the boulevard that lead to conversations and additional ministry opportunities.  Drawstring backpacks, with basic essentials, are distributed as particular needs are made aware of and people dealing with substance abuse are helped into established recovery programs and followed up with and ministered to with the gospel.

It is amazing what God is doing through Dan and his family and Eleos Coffee and those who are connecting with this ministry.  When you look at Eleos, you can only say, “Look what God has done!”

The Eleos logo reads, Great Coffee – Making a Difference.  That is why I am so excited about this week’s giveaway and the opportunity to tell you about Eleos Coffee.  I love good coffee, but even more I love good coffee that is directly tied to ministry in the way that it is at Eleos.

It costs a bit more to order coffee online through Eleos than what I might spend at the grocery store, but I love that when I purchase some of Dan’s coffee I am getting a high quality bean and at the same time, in a very real way, investing in the work of God’s kingdom!  It doesn’t get much better than that!

So, here is your opportunity to try Eleos Coffee for yourself!  Simply comment on any post at this blog or sign up to get our email updates or tweet about the giveaway or “like” our facebook page and click on the action that you have chosen in the rafflecopter box below in order to enter – for the possibility to win three 12 oz. packages of some of the finest Eleos roasts.  You can choose one or more of the actions to enter.  The more actions you select the more times you are entered in the giveaway.  One winner, from those who sign up, will be randomly selected later this week to receive this prize.  The results will be posted here at FamilyFaith&Home on Friday.

And, when you get a chance head over to Eleos Coffee online, to learn more about what God is doing through Eleos and to maybe even invest in this work by purchasing some truly amazing coffee.

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5 Comments on “Giveaway: Three 12 oz. Bags of Eleos Coffee (1 Winner)

  1. I love reading your daily blogs. I would however, rather read about them sitting at your table, surrounded by kids while we’re all eating morels! :)

    • We would love eating them with you all too, miss those times! Thanks for following the blog.

  2. So exciting to see God move!! Went to college w/Dan!!

    • Yes, it’s been exciting to see God do amazing things with and through Eleos, it”s an incredible ministry. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Hi there Jim,
    I’ve really enjoyed reading through this blog & I’m looking forward every update. You and your family have been so prolific lately with new CDs, this site and your family worship site. The videos look fantastic.
    The ministry of Dan and Eleos is an amazing story to read. Sharing God’s word and a pot of coffee can definitely work wonders, I can attest to that.

    Hope you are doing well.


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