Goal Setting

Goal Setting

Last Week’s Goals:

1.  Pray at lunch time –  I really wanted to start having an extended time in prayer other than my normal quiet time each morning, but it didn’t happen this week.

2.  Exercise 3 times this week

3.  Start going room to room getting rid of all the clutter –  I got a couple of rooms done, yay!

4.  Continue reading through the Old Testament with the younger kids at lunch time – We didn’t read at all this past week. :(

5.  Go up and talk with the kids at bedtime – I went up several nights, would like to do it more though.

6.  Set longer range goals

Long Term Goals:

At first I was overwhelmed at the process, but then decided to figure out what were the things I wanted to really accomplish before the end of the year and write those down.  I realized after I set them that they are all goals I can easily implement into my weekly goals.  Hopefully, working away at them each week, in small steps, will help me accomplish them, and make them seem less daunting.

1.  Read 2 books a month – I love to read, but these past few months I haven’t had the time, I really miss it.  I don’t like to read the same book for weeks on end, I can lose interest pretty fast that way, so I don’t think 2 books a month is too lofty, since it is the middle of the month though, I am only reading one book in June.

2.  Memorize a verse a week – Before kids I memorized a lot of verses, in the years since, I have memorized some, but not nearly as much as I would like.

3.  Finish reading through the entire Bible in a year

4.  Write an ebook – This is something I have never had a desire to do until recently, but I’ve kind of gotten the writing bug now.  The idea of writing an ebook is very intimidating but Amy Lynn Andrews breaks the process down into what seems to be very manageable steps.

This Week’s Goals:

1.  Exercise 5 times this week – I have finally found a time that works for me to exercise consistently, and I found an accountability partner (which I will talk about more next week)!

2.  Memorize a verse

3.  Start Reading a book – Not sure which one yet.

4.  Continue with reading the Bible in a year – Still on track with this, almost done with the Old Testament!

5.  Begin the first steps in writing an ebook using Amy Lynn Andrews tips.

6.  Go up and talk with the older kids at night.

I am waiting to add the read aloud goal and extended time in prayer goal until next week.  Knowing what is on my plate this week, it would just not be realistic.  To read why I started setting goals click here.

Have you set goals for the week? The year? Do you have special times of the day when you spend time talking with your children? If so, let us know in the comment section.


4 Comments on “Goal Setting

  1. I set goals for the year. I love sitting down on New Year’s Day to think about the year past and the year ahead. This year my husband and I prayed and made our lists together. I keep mine in the front of my homekeeping binder where I’m sure to see it often.

    • I am looking forward to doing that this New Year’s. That’s a great idea to keep it in your binder so you see it a lot!

  2. I would like to start setting goals but just haven’t started yet. I have started doing some things that are goals but aren’t officially written down. I have started reading again. I branched out of my romance, biography, science fiction into novels. My husband and I are reading to my 5 year old daughter 2 chapters from 2 different books a day. She recently started enjoying chapter books. We have completed 2 books so far. I am very proud of her!

    • That’s great you are reading to your daughter! I hope we can become more consistent in that in the next few weeks. I really like reading biographies too! In the beginning I wasn’t really writing them down either, it took a few months before I started writing them down.

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