Goal Setting

Goal Setting

Last Week’s Goals:

1.  Keep exercising – Did some sort of exercise most days, I am having to be creative though, since my knees are still bothering me.

2.  Get a few more chapters read in Spurgeon’s Sermons on the Parables of Christ

3.  Review verses I’ve memorized in the past – Only accomplished this 2 days, but I also memorized Psalm 30:10!

4.  Go up and talk with the kids at night – Haven’t gotten to do this because the kids have been sleeping in the family room since it’s so hot upstairs, but this week is cooler and they are back up in their rooms.

5.  Make a grocery list for the whole week and only go once to the store – Still struggling with this goal, I planned everything out, made a complete grocery list, then when it was time to go to the store my list had “mysteriously” disappeared.  I know, I should have made out a new one, but the optimist in me thought I could remember everything…. should’ve known better.

6.  Spend an extended time in prayer each day – Spent time most days in extended time in prayer

This Week’s Goals:

1.  Exercise Daily

2.  Review verses I’ve memorized in the past

3.  Spend extended time in prayer each day

4.  Go up and talk with the kids at night

5.  Make a daily list of things I need to accomplish and do it – I had been doing so good making a list each morning of things I wanted or needed to get done, but these past couple of weeks I have been bad about making a list and even worse with carrying it out.  When I make lists, I am over all more productive, I get so much more done in just day to day tasks as well as accomplishing more on my weekly goals list.

6.  Get to bed earlier – With summer here it’s been hard to get to bed at an early hour, which is when I do most of my writing, so I haven’t been writing nearly as much as I would like to be.  This week I’d like to get to bed by 9pm, so I can write for an hour (and maybe catch up on some reading, which I miss terribly) then be asleep by 10pm.

Do you like to get to bed early, or are you a night owl?  What are your goals for the week?  I’d love to hear about them in the comments section!

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