Goal Setting


Last Week’s Goals:

1.  Get back to a more rigid quiet time in the afternoon.

2.  Make sure house is straight before bed.

3.  Continue reading a biography on William Carey aloud to the kids 3 times this week – We read some this past week, but the book is going very slow, I found it’s not an easy read aloud so I am switching to reading through the Old Testament (skipping the geneologies :)) with the kids. I have done that before with the older kids and we all enjoyed it and learned a lot.

4.  Only go to the grocery store once this week – I didn’t do so well on this one, I put off making my list until the last minute which means I had to rush doing it and left things off. :(

5.  Start doing a Bible study again with my girls.  Very excited I got this done!

This Week’s Goals

1.  Exercise 5 times this week –  Last week I got off the “bandwagon” with this, it was a very busy week, but still…

2.  Get to bed by 9pm in order to read and write until lights out at 10pm

3.  Put away winter clothes and get out summer clothes – I’ve been putting this off, it is such a huge undertaking that I usually dread. But, I weed out clothes we don’t need, which always makes me feel good!

4.  Start reading through the Old Testament with the younger kids

5.  Make a complete list for the grocery store – This probably sounds so simple to most people, I think why I struggle with it is I see on paper how big the grocery bill will be, it ends up being just as much and more if I don’t write it down though, it’s a mental thing. :)

6.  Continue doing weekly Bible studies with the girls

How about you, did you set any goals last week?  Have you set goals for this week?  I’d love to hear about them in the comments. If you have questions you can email us too. You can also catch up with us on Facebook and Twitter


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