It doesn’t compare to what I have seen others harvest, but we found a few morels today.  Enough to make these amateurs happy anyway.  Though we have never stumbled across a bumper crop, morel hunting has become an eagerly anticipated activity of spring for our family.

There is nothing quite like these delicate morsels, lightly floured, sauteed in butter to a golden brown, with a touch of salt.  They are really quite delicious and truly a fascinating creation of God.  I have read that human attempts to cultivate morels have proven extremely difficult with often less than fruitful results.  That makes me all the more thankful that God causes these little treasures to pop up every spring.  Grateful for such simple, and tasty, pleasures!


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6 Comments on “Morels

    • Hi Lori, we found these in the woods behind our house, usually any wooded area is good. The season is very short though, they only grow for a few weeks in the spring I believe, but it’s fun when you do find them.

  1. I know my husband would love to have a taste of those morels!!! He just loves them. I know that was a fun hunt/search/eat.

    • Yes, they had a great time finding them. They had just been out looking a day or two before and found nothing, so it was a great surprise to find so many big ones.

  2. Here we call them dry land fish! I LOVE to eat them! So yummy!

    • I’ve never heard them called that. My daughter just said they kind of taste like fish. Thanks for stopping by.

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