Review: New Balance Athletic Shoes

New Balance Shoes Rszd 500x333 with WatermarkShortly before I had our 11th baby, I started having a lot of pain in my feet when I walked, especially when I first got out of bed in the morning.  I figured it was just part of the pregnancy and would go away once the baby came.  However, after she was born the pain in my feet only got worse.  I soon discovered that I had all the symptoms of plantar fasciitis which was probably the result of pregnancy as well as wearing shoes that didn’t have good support (e.g. flip-flops).

I started wearing tennis shoes and doing exercises I found online, but nothing seemed to help. Then my mom, who had similar issues with her feet, mentioned that her doctor recommended wearing a pair of New Balance shoes, because of their support.  She let me borrow a pair of hers.   I immediately felt a difference.  She let me keep her shoes to see if they would continue to make my feet feel better.  I wasn’t in as much pain when I was wearing the New Balance shoes v.s. my generic tennis shoes, but I didn’t have complete relief right away.

I would wear the New Balance shoes all day and only wear other shoes if I absolutely had to.  Over time, they improved to where my feet only hurt when I would wear other shoes.  Then one day, I realized the pain was gone, even when I would wear shoes with practically no built-in support.

Since then I have bought my own pair of New Balance Women’s W790 Running Shoes and wear them all day as a preventative measure.  Now I’m at the end of another pregnancy and I don’t have any problems with my feet!


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