Stubborn Stains

posted by Nicci

Shout Advance Image for FFH Blog 500x500 with WatermarkGrease stains are a constant battle at our house.  Sometimes stains seem like they appear out of nowhere.

One of Jim’s shirts for work had a couple of grease stains on it for quite some time.  We tried on numerous occasions to spot treat them before washing and still the stains would not come out.  He was really needing this shirt for work, so I went to the store in search of something new that I hadn’t tried.

Shout Advanced caught my eye because it was a foam spray instead of just a regular spray, and it stated on the can “Formulated For Greasy Stains”.  My daughter (who is our gracious laundry lady) sprayed the spots and let them sit for about 10 minutes.  Then she washed the shirt in cold water and to our amazement the stains were gone.

I couldn’t believe it, after so many other attempts…finally, no more stains!  I was very pleased with Shout Advanced and highly recommend it for tough stains.


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