Traveling, Speaking and DVD Production

This summer and fall has proved to be an unusually busy one for our family.  We have been traveling some, with Jim speaking in churches on family worship and making preparations to transition into full-time ministry after the first of the year.

Also, over the past couple of months, we have been working on a DVD project for Jim Spencer Music.  It will contain music videos for all of the songs from the Children’s Scripture Memory Songs CD.  We will keep you posted as we get closer to the release of the DVD.  As a preview, above is the video for Trust In The Lord.  We hope you enjoy it!



2 Comments on “Traveling, Speaking and DVD Production

  1. This is such a sweet video and reminder to Trust in the Lord. May the Lord bless you all.

  2. Can I just say, this blog is what got me through
    the day today.

    Every time I read it, I just get more and more excited about whats next.

    Very refreshing blog and very refreshing ideas.

    Im glad that I came across this when I did.

    I love what youve got to say and the way you say it.

    CD Digi-pak and DVD Digi-pak

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