Waiting on the Baby…Waiting on the Lord

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Our whole family is eagerly awaiting the birth of our newest addition – no one more than my wife, as you can imagine. The due date came and went last week with no sign of our baby boy making his appearance. He doesn’t realize the help he is being to us all – assisting us, in this small way, to grow in patience.

Of course, we understand that it is not our baby controlling the date of his arrival, but God, who is weaving him in his mother’s womb1 and who is righteous in all His ways,2 even regarding the day and time of this birth. So, God is graciously giving us the opportunity to exercise patience and to, as the Psalmist exhorts, wait on Him.3 What a wonderful, restful place to be – waiting on the Lord!

We look forward to seeing the time that God has appointed for this new little one to come into the world! And in the meantime, upon the One who is faithful and true,4 we will gladly wait.

1Psalm 139:13
2Psalm 145:17
3Psalm 27:14
4Revelation 19:11


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