What Is A Godly Father?

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With Father’s Day coming up this Sunday I thought it would be nice to highlight attributes of  a godly father.  What does a godly father look like?  In our home, we are so blessed to have a father/husband who is a godly man and exudes each of the qualities below.  We are very thankful for the gift God has given us in him and know that he is a true treasure.

G ives generously of his time to his family
ffers support and encouragement to his family
aily reads the Word and prays for his family
L  eads in love and grace
Y  earns for his children’s salvation

F  ears the Lord above men
A  lways asks for forgiveness when he wrongs his family
T  eaches his family the ways of the Lord
H  onesty and integrity are the rule of his life
E  ternally minded
R  espected by his family


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