What National Day Is It?

National Days Green

I am sorry we are getting these out late, we had a very busy week then were out of town over the weekend and just now playing catch-up.  I hope you enjoyed this past week’s “National Days”, and were able to participate in some of them.  If you want to observe Sunday and Monday’s National Days, don’t let the fact that they are over discourage you from still participating!

This Week’s Days:

July 14th: Tape Measure Day – Pull out your tape measure and have fun measuring things around the house, a great “real life” math lesson.

July 15th:  Learn About a King in the Bible Day – Pick a king mentioned in the Bible and study about them, were they a good king or bad, did they love the Lord or not?

July 16th:  Clean the Ceiling Fans Day – The perfect activity when it’s too hot to go outside.  Plus, dusting and cleaning is an easy way to burn calories, along with these other household chores.

July 17th:  Crayon Art Day – Get creative with some of these fun crayon activities.  You could also have a debate about whether it’s pronounced “crown” or “cray-on”, that discussion pops up often in our home. :)

July 18th:  Homemade Whipped Cream Day – There’s nothing like real whipped cream made from scratch.  A secret to great whipped cream is making it in a chilled bowl!

July 19th:  Wear Yellow Day – Dig out something yellow to wear from your closet today.

July 20th: Lollipop Day – Enjoy this candy treat today, let us know your favorite flavor!


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