What National Day Is It?

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Sorry this is just getting out today.  It’s been a busy week with the Teach Them Diligently Convention.

I hope you enjoyed this past week’s “National Days”, and were able to participate in some of them. Here’s this week’s National Days:

June 2nd:  Lemonade Day – Sit back, relax and enjoy a cool glass of lemonade.

June 3rd:  Paper Airplane Day – See how many different types of airplanes you can make or have a contest to see whose airplane can fly the farthest.

June 4th:  Feed the Birds Day – Grab some bird seed or other bird fare and have fun feeding your local wildlife.

June 5th:  Read a Proverb Day – Gain some wisdom by picking a Proverb to read aloud with your family.

June 6th:  Kazoo Day – Pull out your kazoo and take turns playing a tune.

June 7th:  Pineapple Upside Down Cake Day – Make this yummy dessert and share it with family and friends.

June 8th:  Mismatched Socks Day – Why fight the never ending battle of putting two socks in the laundry and only one coming out, let’s join it;  sport a couple of your mismatched socks today.

We hope you and your family enjoy participating.  After you observe a day, if you would like, come back and tell us what you did in the comments or share it on Facebook.   You can also email pictures and we will post them in the next Friday’s post.*


* Pictures must relate directly to one of the National Days listed for the week, appropriate for all viewing audiences and will be posted at the discretion of FamilyFaith&Home.




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