What National Day Is It?

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I hope you enjoyed this past week’s “National Days”, and were able to participate in some of them!

This Week’s Days:

7th:  Charades Day – Have fun playing a game of charades today with your family.  Here’s some charades rules and tips in case you need a refresher on how the game is played.

8th:  Bug Day – Find an insect in your yard (or house :)) and learn about it.  What do they eat, where do they live, how long do they live?  Take a picture of the bug, or draw one and write about your findings, then share them with us on Facebook or email.

9th:  Sugar Cookie Day – Bake up a batch of delicious sugar cookies.  I am always on the lookout for the perfect sugar cookies, I can’t wait to try one of these recipes this week.

10th:  Homemade Salad Dressing Day – Make your favorite homemade salad dressing, or try a new one.  Here is a yummy recipe a friend recently made for us that is just like a salad dressing the Bonefish Grill serves.

11th:  Recite the Books of the Bible Day – See if you can recite all the names of the books of the Bible in order, if not, brush up on them and try to say them before the day is over.

12th:  Water Balloon Day – Cool off today with a water balloon toss.

13th:  Paper-ware Day – Take a break from doing dishes and use paper plates.

We hope you and your family enjoy participating.  After you observe a day, if you would like, come back and tell us what you did in the comments or share it on Facebook.   You can also email pictures and we will post them in the next Friday’s post.*


* Pictures must relate directly to one of the National Days listed for the week, appropriate for all viewing audiences and will be posted at the discretion of FamilyFaith&Home.


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