Goal Setting

Goal Setting

Last Week’s Goals:

1.  Exercise 5 times this week

2.  Memorize a verse – memorized Romans 8:18

3. Read a book – Started reading Spurgeon’s Sermons on the Parables

4.  Continue writing an ebook – didn’t get any farther on this project

5.  Go up and talk with the kids at night – Did this several nights this past week

6.  Read Old Testament aloud to the kids

This Week’s Goals:

1.  Keep exercising – I couldn’t continue running, my knees started hurting too much (bad knees run in my family :(). I went walking one day with my oldest son, which was a treat to spend time alone with him.  The other days I spent 30 minutes outside playing with my little ones and got a great workout each time, which I’ll share about soon.

2.  Get a few more chapters read in Spurgeon’s Sermons on the Parables of Christ

3.  Review verses I’ve memorized in the past – I realized this week that I have memorized a lot of great verses in the past, but now only remember bits and pieces, or can’t recall the reference, so I want to start reviewing those before memorizing any more new ones.

4.  Go up and talk with the kids at night

5.  Make a grocery list for the whole week and only go once to the store – I’m going to attempt this once again. :)

6.  Spend an extended time in prayer each day

Are you setting goals for the week?  Or maybe you set some for the year?  I’d love to hear about them in the comments section!


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