What National Day Is It?

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I hope you enjoyed this past week’s “National Days”, and were able to participate in some of them. Here’s this week’s National Days:

May 26th:  Sunday Drive Day – There’s nothing like a good old fashioned Sunday drive, take a drive with your family and enjoy the sights.

May 27th:  Popsicle Day – Cool off with a refreshing popsicle, let us know your favorite flavor.

May 28th:  Bake For Your Neighbor Day –  Reach out to a neighbor by baking something yummy and taking it to them.

May 29th:  Macaroni Craft Day –  Grab some dried macaroni, glue, and paper and have fun making a picture, or try this idea from KidsActivitiesBlog

May 30th:  Read a Minor Prophet Day – Choose one of the minor prophet books in the Old Testament and read and reflect on it with your family.

May 31st: Treasure Hunt Day – Hide a treat (edible or not) for your kids to find, write up a series of clues for them to follow in their hunt for the treasure.

June 1st:  Fly a Kite Day – Enjoy flying a kite with your family.

We hope you and your family enjoy participating.  After you observe a day, if you would like, come back and tell us what you did in the comments or share it on Facebook.   You can also email pictures and we will post them in the next Friday’s post.*

Here is a picture taken at our house on National Thumb Wrestling Day:
Thumb Wrestling

* Pictures must relate directly to one of the National Days listed for the week, appropriate for all viewing audiences and will be posted at the discretion of FamilyFaith&Home.

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