L.L. Bean Maple Syrup Giveaway

Maple Syrup
There is nothing quite like pure maple syrup on a stack of pancakes or on a waffle that is fresh off the iron.  Jim, being from New England, grew up on pure maple syrup.  His appreciation for the “real stuff” has rubbed off on the kids too, they all prefer real maple syrup over artificial syrup.

In this weeks giveaway, we are combining one of New England’s trademark stores with the pure maple syrup New England is famous for, by giving away one quart of L.L. Bean’s 100% Pure Maple Syrup.  We hope your family will enjoy real maple syrup as much as ours does.

Enter below for a chance to win!

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20 Comments on “L.L. Bean Maple Syrup Giveaway

  1. We’ve never tried LL Bean’s pure maple syrup. That would be a treat indeed. Thanks for the giveaway!

    Nancy M

  2. Unsure if I’ve ever had PURE maple syrup…sounds like a real treat! :~)

    • It is yummy, and it’s nice to know there are no additives, although there probably are in the boxed pancake mix I use! :)

      • Okay…So I purchased some pure maple syrup from our local Dutch Valley Market….the syrup is out of Wisconsin, with an address label from the Amish family who pressed it. It is DELICIOUS! Thanks for inspiring me to try the real thing…we are now hooked! :)

  3. Wow, I haven’t had real maple syrup for a long time. Awesome idea for a giveaway!

  4. would love this miss homemade syrup from Michigan we moved to AZ traded syrup for oranges God always provides

  5. I commented on “A Cinnamon Roll Recipe and a Birthday Breakfast.” :)

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