What National Day Is It?

National Days Green

I hope you enjoyed this past week’s “National Days”, and were able to participate in some of them.

July 28th:  Aubergine Day – I always thought aubergine was just a color, turns out it’s actually the British word for eggplant.  It is a beautiful color though, wear the color or eat the vegetable today.

July 29th:  Freeze Tag Day – Have fun with this age-old kids game.

July 30th:  Learn A New Hymn Day – Find an unfamiliar hymn and learn it together as a family.

July 31st:  Sandcastle Day – Whether you have access to a beach or just your backyard sand box, make a sandcastle today.

Aug. 1st:  Read To Those Who Can’t Day – Take time today to read to a child who can’t read yet, or an older adult who has trouble reading anymore.

Aug. 2nd:  Pass On Clothes Day – Find some clothes that you no longer need or want and give them to someone else who can use them.

Aug. 3rd:  Watermelon Day – Enjoy the refreshing taste of a watermelon today.

If your family participates in some of the National Days, send us a pic of it and we will post it on the next week’s National Day’s post.  Or you can post it on our Facebook page.


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