What National Day Is It?

National Days Green

I hope you enjoyed this past week’s “National Days”, and were able to participate in some of them.  Here are some pictures from a few of the days.

Nancy M. sent in this pic of her boys and their dog Sammy observing National Hat Day.

Our daughter wearing her sunflower apron on National Apron Day.

Phoebe in apron 017

The family cat (and chief mouse catcher) Blackie getting some love on National Be Kind To Your Cat Day.

Anna with Blackie, Phoebe with apron 006

Here’s this week’s National Days:

June 23rd:  Iced Tea Day – Kick back and relax with a nice tall glass of iced tea.

June 24th:  Pop Goes The Weasel Day – Have fun singing the classic children’s rhyme and learning about it’s history.

June 25th:  Chocolate Pie Day – Indulge in a piece of chocolate pie today, here is a recipe very similar to one my grandmother was “famous” for making…so yummy!

June 26th:  Mini Marshmallow and Toothpick Art Day – Come in from the summer heat and try this fun and inexpensive craft.  Have a contest to see who can build the biggest and most creative object.

June 27th:  Wheat Harvest Day – It’s wheat harvest season here in Kansas, eat something today made with wheat and take some time to read about how they plant and harvest the wheat.

June 28th:  Look Up At The Sky Day – Take some time today to learn about the heavens, either the daytime or nighttime sky.

June 29th:  Place mat Day – Break out your nice place mats for dinner or get creative and make some.

We hope you and your family enjoy participating.  After you observe a day, if you would like, come back and tell us what you did in the comments or share it on Facebook.   You can also email pictures and we will post them in the next Friday’s post.*


* Pictures must relate directly to one of the National Days listed for the week, appropriate for all viewing audiences and will be posted at the discretion of FamilyFaith&Home.


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